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– feel like you are in the roaring twenties –

After a successful first year in Hanoi, our newest House in Saigon asked for something extra special. We knew that this meant that we would have to fulfil the wish of many men and women. Since the beginning in Hanoi, we repeatedly got the question from men asking us for the opportunity to visit our House more often than just on moments they needed a haircut or shave. They also secretly exposed the deepest desires of their loved ladies, which turned out to be a chance to have a drink at our House.

We fulfilled these desires when opening House of Barbaard Ho Chi Minh City. The barbershop traditionally remains men-only but we decided to open a lounge bar which welcomes both ladies and gentlemen. Our lounge bar is the newest hotspot in Saigon and can be heard from far by its swingy tunes that spin from the gramophone player. Our Gentlemen bartenders have created our own signature cocktails and are there to advise you about whiskies, the best giggle waters, premium cigars and delicious finger foods.

If the Great Gatsby had his favourite lounge bar in Saigon, then House of Barbaard would be it.
For those living in the North of Vietnam, stay tuned because you will not be forgotten.

Our Menu

Our loungebar menu has been put together with much care as we would like to offer you the best choices in terms of value, taste and quality. With a combination of both locally sourced and imported beverages we have created one of Saigon’s best drink menus. You might find it hard to choose, therefore our bartenders are there to advise you and ensure you of your drink of desire.

We wouldn’t be a 1920’s loungebar without our a range of Dutch House and Cuban cigars and of course your visit is not complete without trying our tasty house-made hot and cold finger snacks.

we present you

Our Specials

Benefit and share the House of Barbaard experience.

The Roaring Hours

“Prohibition be damned, jag juice legalised.”  Who doesn’t love those everyday where you get 2 plus 1 on any drink by the glass between 16:00 and 20:00.

Gentlemen’s Tuesday

Dress to the nines and have a swanky Tuesday with us! Take your pick gentlemen: One plus one on any Whisky (based) drink by glass between 9:00 and 23:00.

Our Bustling Weekends

Welcome to our Gatsby lounge where Marilyn Monroe and Al Capone would feel right at ease. While enjoying live music and sipping our extravagant drinks, you will fall in love.

Hotsy Totsy Sundays

Feeling the weekend munchies coming on, but still want to grab a wine at the same moment? Join us on every Sunday with 20% discount on all snacks and wines

The best selection of

Craft Beers

Brought to you all the way from The Netherlands & Belgium.

Our love for beer flows through our blood. Being born in The Netherlands (Holland) we have grown up drinking beer. At our lounge bar we have decided to bring some of the best beers from The Netherlands and Belgium. Our variety of beers is large and ranges from pilsners, blond, dark, IPAs and wheat  Fun fact is that House of Barbaard was brought to life while drinking beer at Tom’s and Guido’s favourite beer brewery in their hometown.

Come and play our

Board Games

Reduce your stress and test your skills.

Board games are not only fun but also a great way to reduce stress and a source of knowledge. Playing games takes a big role in many different cultures worldwide and is something that closely connects to Gentlemen lifestyle as it brings up the best conversations. We have brought an extensive selection of international board games to Saigon and they are waiting for you at our lounge. Some of the games you can expect are Chess, Monopoly and Settlers of Catan. Besides board games we also have selected some card games such as Exploding kittens, Cards against Humanity and What do you Meme. Our games are free to play, as long as you also enjoy a drink in our lounge.

Here you can find the best


If we don’t usually have it, we bring it for you.

We love our whiskies and that is something you will sure mention when visiting the loungebar. No matter if you are an experienced or unexperienced whiskey drinker, our bartenders will be there for you to recommend you something to your desire. We have selected more than 15 different whiskies from all different corners around the world. Of course from Scotland, Ireland and the US but also Japan and Taiwan. If you are looking for any special whiskey, please let us know as we would be happy to source it for you. Also, feel free to combine your whiskey with a cigar at House of Barbaard.

Try our homemade


The hot and crunchy taste from home.

Bitterballen are one of Holland’s favourite snacks and are the perfect bite alongside any drink. These famous Dutch snacks are made with ragout made from braised beed, typical Dutch spices and mustard. What makes them extra delicious is that they are hot and crunchy on the outside but soft and gooey on the inside. The Gentlemen of our House are a huge fan Bitterballen and therefore have made them especially for you.