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A Sincere welcome

– to our family of Gentlemen with attitude –

House of Barbaard was founded out of pasion for Gentleman’s lifestyle and appreciation for the sophisticance that was found in the roaring twenties. We proudly call ourselves Gentlemen with Attitude as we stay true to our own personality and have an easy-going approach on life.
Our House is an expression of our philosophy and any men visiting our establishment strengthens where we stand for, one family of Gentlemen with Attitude. As mannered men, we don’t judge, don’t discriminate and give each other the respect one deserves. Together we form this exceptional place in Hanoi and Saigon that every man deserves, the haven of grooming, drinks and cigars.

Every visitor becomes part of our family and as thanks for your contribution and loyalty, you will be given a membership card. With your membership card, you will receive discounts, invitations to events and exclusive offers. Also, we have created different packages by which you can pre-book your barber services and be assured of looking dapper the whole year around.

be privileged with our

Member Benefits

Get rewarded as true Gentleman

Every Gentleman visiting our House automatically becomes a member and receives a membership card which enables you to benefits of special discounts and exclusive offers. Whenever you spend anything at our barbershop, store or loungebar then this will be added onto your account. Starting as Blue member you will grow in tiers depending on your expenditure. Below you will find more information about the different tiers and benefits.
Blue Silver Gold Black
For all Guests from 5 million VND expenditure per 12 months* from 15 million VND expenditure per 12 months* from 25 million VND expenditure per 12 months*

Global Benefits

Exclusive access to worldwide Barbaard locations.
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Special benefits at our Discount Partners.
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Option to subscribe for our Newsletter featuring insider information and promotions.
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Access to an Exclusive section of Gentlemen With Attitude (G.W.A.).
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Discount on Masterclasses organized by Barbaard
10% 20% 25%
Invites To Exclusive Events & Soirées
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House of Barbaard Benefits

One drink & Finger foods included when using our barber services.
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Personal Gentleman’s Grooming & Styling Advice
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Discount on Gentleman’s Up Packages for yourself and one friend (p. visit).
10% 15% 20%
Discount on Gentleman’s Agreements, for yourself and your friends.
5% 10% 15%
Personal Spot on our Honored Member Board
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Complimentary traditonal Shoe Shining Service at every visit.
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Peronalized House of Barbaard Gift.
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Your personal Lifestyle Butler.
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Lounge Bar Benefits

Discount in our Lounge bars (all menu items including Cigars).
10% 15%
Access to a hidden selection of very Exclusive Whiskeys.
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Personal Bottle-keep service
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Priority for the best tables when making a Lounge bar reservation.
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Option to pay on-account.
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Barbaard Supply Co. Benefits

Discount on Barbaard Products and brands sold by Barbaard.
5% 10%
Pre-order option for New Products.
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Free sample package of New Products.
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Invitation to launching events of New Products
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Your membership benefits are subject to change. Please refer to the membership brochure provided when receiving your member card for more detailed information.

* You get upgraded in membership tier when you spend the amount necessary within a period of 12 full months. You must re-qualify for your membership tier 12 full months after you have been upgraded. As example, if you reach an expenditure of 15 million VND on 8 October 2018 you will directly be rewarded as Gold Member. Your membership tier expires on 31 October 2019 if you haven’t spend 15 million VND or more in the 12 months since you got upgraded.

Discover our

Gentleman’s Agreements

Prebook your visits and benefit like a Gentleman

Our Gentleman’s Agreement have been created for those that already are, or are planning on become regular guests of our barbershop, or for those that are looking for a special gift. With our different Agreements you pre-book your barber and add-on services, and benefit of discounts and exclusive extras such as instant upgrades in your membership tier.

Gentleman’s Agreement

Pre-book 12 barber services the way you like it for the price of 10 services,  they do not expire so can be used whenever suits you best.

You can configure the way you like your service:

– Choose your hair/head service
– Choose your beard/shaving service
– Select your upgrades
– Select your type of barber

When you have configured the agreement the way you like to visit us, you will benefit from a 10+2 free promotion.

As a benefit you will always receive an instant upgrade to Silver member

King’s Agreement

Accustomed to getting only the best, the King negotiates to have it all. Feel like royalty by receiving an instant upgrade to black member and fulfil your deepest grooming desires as you will get to visit our stately House whenever you wish.

With this Agreement you will benefit of unlimited barber services, therefore you will be assured of that sharp look the entire year. This is not all, as you will receive a personal box of 20 large House Corona cigars and you get to choose two bottles from a selection of exclusive Whiskies, Cognacs and Rums (with bottle-keep service) plus an upgrade to our highest membership tier.

The King’s Agreement is available in two options, for those that want it all:

The kings agreement, Unlimited Services for a Year:
27.500.000 VND (plus 2 Bottles & 20 Cigars) (instant upgrade to Black member)

The healthy kings agreement, Unlimited Services for a Year:
22.500.000 VND (without bottles and cigars) (instant upgrade to Black member)